Alain Mikli

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Alain Miklitarian qualified as an optician in France in the 1970’s, but it was not long before he founded his company ‘Mikli Diffusion’ in 1978 at the age of 23. Very quickly, the self-taught businessman and visionary designer established the pedigree of glasses. 

In 1983 Elton John wore a pair of Alain Mikli glasses, sending out a ripple of excitement through the fashion world and revolutionising eyewear design. Since then numerous celebrities have supported the brand, including Kanye West who wore a pair of original Mikli shutter shades in his 2007 music video ‘Stronger’. 

The Alain Mikli brand is highly renowned in the eyewear sector for its provocative designs, created to be noticed, not hidden away. His classic pieces are designed to last - outliving fads and fleeting trends. 

Mikli uses quality acetates and metals to produce light-weight, comfortable eyewear. The unique designs and characteristic bold colours and checkerboard or striped patterns make his frames easily recognisable, without the need for an identifying logo.

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