Finest Seven

With a career history which includes designing for major luxury sunglasses brands such as Prada, Oliver Goldsmith and Cutler and Gross – amongst others, New Zealand born designer Jesse Stevens has a highly specialised understanding of eyewear and a dedication to the aesthetics and quality of the products he creates. 

The name FINEST SEVEN is derived from Jesse Stevens’ dedication to excellence. The brand holds at its core the idea that there are seven key elements in eyewear production - Components, Lenses, Construction Materials, Colour/Finish, Design, Comfort/Fit and Manufacture - and FINEST SEVEN incorporates the very best of these elements in each and every style.

Of his design experience, Jesse says: “My sculptural training has given me a strong sense of the aesthetic; the ability to bring forward my creative visions, toned and shaped by the rigor of the manufacturing process”

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