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Jfrey J.F.Rey Eyewear Revolution Me

J.F.Rey was created by French designer Jean-Francois Rey almost 20 years ago. Jean-Francois Rey was born in Jura, the mountainous region in eastern France where many eyewear factories are located, and thus grew up in the eyewear business. 

He now works with his wife Joelle Rey, who is a colourist, and a small team, to create his colourful and unique eyewear range. The couple travels around the world looking for inspiration in music, culture, nature and architecture.

J.F.Rey is known for it individual style, modern design and innovation. Collections vary from animal inspired motifs, with stainless steel becoming crocodile, ostrich or rhinoceros skin, to his “Woodstock” concept with multicoloured layers of birch plywood.

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