When it comes to eyewear that looks one-of-a-kind, it’s hard to argue with the appeal of natural horn frames. RIGARDS is a mission to rediscover the hidden treasures of horn frames and to share them with eyewear aficionados through small numbered editions. 

The emphasis is on handmade craftsmanship applied to simple products using honest materials. The horn used is an organic by-product of water buffalo rearing, meaning it is a sustainable, natural material. It is also lightweight and biocompatible, causing no skin irritation.

The designs are original and nonconformist yet respectful of vintage influences, intended for discerning individuals who appreciate ingenuity and independent spirit. Every pair of frames is handcrafted with tremendous attention using time-honored methods of production and hand-finished with signature surface treatments. 

All these elements culminate in quality frames that are refreshingly different, with a level of character and exclusivity unlike any other. 

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