Sospiri - Ottica Veneta

The Sospiri Collection was launched in 2004 and represents the signature, luxury line of optical and sun eyewear from Ottica Veneta. 

Ottica Veneta was founded by Riccardo Lamon in the Mountains surrounding Venice, Italy. Lamon and his team are committed to maintaining the high standards that have made Italian eyewear synonymous with quality by guaranteeing that 100% of the production stays in Italy. 

The collection itself was created as a tribute to the Venetian maestros, representing a rare blend of old world craftsmanship and the latest in Italian fashion. Sospiri intertwines elegance and innovation and only the most superior materials are selected for use including Austrian crystals, light metals and Italian acetates. 

"True craftsmanship would never have survived the centuries if not for one other critical element: Passione... passion to invent, to produce, and to see each piece of work rise to an uncommon level of quality and beauty."


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