Starck Eyes

Philippe Starck Eyewear

Philippe Starck is a French designer, who is widely known for his architectural, interior, industrial and product design work. In 1996, Starck Eyes Collection was created as a collaboration between Philippe Starck and Alain Mikli. Their combined creativity and technical expertise gave rise to a new eyewear concept - Biovision.   

The idea behind the collection was “eyeglasses inspired by the human being”. The conventional screw-hinge has been replaced with the ‘biolink’, which is based on the human shoulder joint. The hinge’s multi-directional freedom of movement provides improved comfort for the wearer. Starck Eyes also utilises thin, light-weight and flexible materials such as carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium. 

The range is modern, yet timeless and with sleek design and of course exceptional technology, the Starck collection has a strong following. 

Philippe Starck Eyewear

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