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Theo loves you

It was the love for their clients that made Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, opticians with their own store in Belgium, decide to design and present a collection under the name of theo. Thus the motto was born - theo loves you! 

To this day, the company is family-run with Wim Somer’s three sons still involved in the business.

theo is known for it’s bold colours, clean lines, impeccable design and exceptional quality. The brand has been around for over 25 years and presents diverse and unique collections.

From the ‘Like a Diva!’ collection inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Judy Garland, to the ‘Olive Glasses’ collection, where theo developed a hinge resembling half an olive, the brand is always improving their design, both aesthetically and functionally.

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